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Halloween Adventures of "Ginny Weasely"

  Wee Ginny Weasley had quite the adventure this evening.  First there was a little misunderstanding with a muggle who claimed to be country singer Raelynn. 

But they became fast friends and off they went Trick or Treating.

   Once home from an evening of frolicking and mischief making, the littlest Weasley was shocked to discover that her pigmypuff, Arnold, had been transformed into a hamster. 

So she whipped out her wand and went after the devilish brothers she suspected.  Fred and George were found shortly after, screaming like banchees, bat bogeys flapping in their faces.
   Mischief managed indeed.  The End.

Hope you enjoyed this little story that Krissy asked me to write when I told her I was going to post her pics on LJ.  And as you can see, I wasn't able to convince Skylar to be Tonks, so maybe next year.  Also I would like to introduce you to Krissy's Russian hamster, Button. 

Have a lovely Halloween!

Happy Halloween Eve Y'all!

I haven't posted in forever and a day, I know.  But I'm popping in today to share a little Harry Potter Fandom motherly pride.  It's taken almost a decade, but one of my kids finally, finally is going Trick or Treating this year as (drum roll please)...

Ginny Weasley!  This is my youngest daughter, Krissy who is now 9 years old!  Can you believe it?  She was just a wee thing in diapers when I joined the fandom.

My oldest, Skylar, who is now 12 has been hemming and hawing over whether she wants to go with her little sis or go with Dad and help out at the local Trunk 'r Treat (my friends across the pond may want to Google Trunk 'r Treat if you're not familiar with the concept).  I may have her halfway convinced to be Tonks if she does go.  I'll post more pics if I can bring her around.
You all have a safe and fun Halloweekend!

Oh, and for kicks and giggles, here's some fuzzy as hell but still cute additional pics when I could get her to hold a little bit still this morning before school.  Enjoy!

Just a wee note...

to authors on FanFiction.net.  If you use the term "I suck at summaries" in your summary, you probably suck at writing stories too.  Just a little gentle advice from Aunt Holly.


Shameless fic post

Yep, I'm still alive.  Nope, haven't drawn in forever.  Real life, ya know.
But I've recently started writing a story when I'm not ironing or going over someone's homework, over at the "pit" (fanfiction.net).
Hardy Boys anyone? (It's loosely based on the books, not the T.V. series)  Oh, come on, you all know I'm a big kid at heart.  A big, slash-loving kid at heart (No, no.  No incest!)  But it is rated M, titled "Some Nights."  Here there be vampires too, but not the sparkling sort.
I use the same author name there as my LJ handle here.  I'm un-beta'd, so all the mistakes are mine and mine alone
Too embarrassed to post it here, or so much as leave a link, don't even think there's an active community for it on El Jay.
So if you're interested, look me up.
Love ya'll, miss ya'll.

Pottermore question...

Hi folks!
Yes I'm still alive - haha!
I've got a question for anyone who would be nice enough to answer:
I've finished going through "The Philosopher's Stone", collected all the nifty little things, brewed the cure for boils, etc.
My question is regarding those silver charm things at the top of the screen, like Diagonal Alley, Gringott's, Spells... The only thing still locked is the first one on the left? What could I have overlooked?

Thanks in advance.

Writer's Block: Tearjerkers

Which movie always makes you cry?

Shameless pimping for my sister...

My sister Amy has found an additional outlet for her love of cooking.  It's Common Sense Southern, a food and all things southern blog.
She just started it, and has kindly asked me to dust off my tablet and make some art for her - she just asked last night, so I'll get started this week.
I'm excited for her as well as a chance to try something a little different to get my art mojo back.
Well, time to start dinner for my family, ya'll have a great weekend and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

I watched "The King's Speech" on ppv this afternoon.  It was really good, I loved it.
Krissy came into the den, sat beside me in the recliner, and oo'd and ah'd when I pointed out the little girls playing Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. 
Then came the park where Lionel pushed Bertie's buttons, and the Duke of York hopped off the sofa spewing profanities.  I was laughing too hard to think to turn the tv volume down, so when the moment was over, my angelic redheaded four year old looks at me with that impish grin and laughingly sings:
*swiftly but gently clamps hands over child's mouth*
Explains that the *F* word is a bad word that only grown ups are allowed to say it.



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